Making Faces (1999)

‘Oh. Have you done that… yourself?’ are words often directed at me by f139654-1riends, family and occasionally complete strangers at the bus stop. So I’ll stand up straight away and admit that I cut my own hair.

My daily beauty regime involves little more than Vitamin E moisturiser in a subtle shade of Tippex and some rather uneven black eyeliner. So it’s a real treat to step foot in a place every now and again where professionals trained in the art of hairdressing and skin care can politely suggest that I  should try a) a trim that isn’t done by my own hand with some old nail scissors  and b) an eye-shadow that isn’t ‘blush neutral’ over ‘pale ivory’ for a change.

AND my hairdressers top off their cheap magazine stack with classic beauty books like  Making Faces. A couple of glasses of wine later, and a neat trick with hairspray on a large bath brush, it was almost had me hooked. After a book which recommended two sparkly eyes covered in colours I would NEVER have been bold enough to choose myself I was feeling very girly indeed.

So well done Kevyn Aucoin and Gena Rowlands (wherever they are in the make-up world) and thank you to the lovely Frankie of Architect Hair for  your delightful tact – giving yourself away only by the ever so slight cracking of your voice when you asked, ‘Do you…er…do this at home?’.

Yes, I do, I’m afraid. Yes, I do. And there’s no number of beauty books which can stop that from happening…


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